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City Concrete currently has a large fleet of mobile mixers, for any large and or small concrete supply demands.

These highly specialized, state-of-the-art machines are made specifically to act as a mobile concrete batch-plant on wheels. Divided into four compartments they keep all of the raw materials separate until arrival at the work site. Our Mobile Technician will set the mixer for the perfect mix of ingredients for your application. Depending on so many variables including weather conditions and eventual usage, our Mobile Technicians can immediately and appropriately adjust the settings to produce the correct strength pour for your job as stipulated by the contractor.

How it works:

Precisely controlled gates determine the exact amount of each dry ingredient that must be added to the concrete for the best possible results.

The result is a perfect concrete pour with virtually NO WASTE!

City concrete moblie mixer truck

The Advantages of Mobile Concrete Mixers:

• Only pay for what you use, not what you order so that you save money by avoiding any wasted material. This key principle is beneficial of the environment and the pocket book.

• Allows the Mobile Technician to dispensing of various strengths and slumps on a single delivery to suit the needs of each unique application

• Freshly mixed concrete ensures easy workability

• Mix never requires extra water resulting in a tougher, more durable concrete

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